The Ching Palace

Chinese food has always been present in the Cebuano food lifestyle. This is so since an ample percentage of Cebuanos are partly Chinese but it doesn’t mean that only the Chinese-blooded community only eats Chinese food. I, myself, am looking forward to eating this type of cuisine for the rest of my life as well as those who crave for the style of cooking that Chinese food preserves

The Ching Palace is one example of when it comes to Chinese food. For years, this remained as one of the most sophisticated places for the already flourishing Cebuano market as well as those picky ones. I admit that I’m also a picky when it comes to food. Hell yeah, I criticize food when I know it’s not that good at all. Oh well, who doesn’t?

When we say authentic it’s something real, genuine and stays true to the original method or something that signify the real McCoy. In Ching Palace, they value the Cantonese cuisine trademark, which is the natural method of cooking – in no way overcooked or seasoned with whatever spices you want to just sprinkle. This is to preserve the original, flavor and nutrients that continue to satisfy and even impress customers. Shortening the cooking time is another element to meet in order to maintain the art of cooking Chinese food. This actually differs from the regional cooking since dishes usually go along with those light dips and sauces that we often want to have.

The Ching Palace remains that authentic and traditional cooking to provide the original Chinese cuisine. Located at Salina’s Drive, Lahug, Cebu City, this Chinese restaurant is headlined by Managing Director Jan Joan Yu.

The high-end food market in Cebu is increasingly getting into the brains of strategy. This is so since with the increasing population of restaurants that have opened in Cebu, most visitors have become very picky. Some like just a simple restaurant with great food in a reasonable price. Some would love to have that perfect restaurant ambiance with quite surrounding as well as great food while others would prefer that perfect and distinctive food cuisine

With a simple use of word-of-mouth, The Ching Palace was able to penetrate into the Cebu market effectively to the point that it became metropolis Cebu’s premier Chinese cuisine destination.
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