Jaguar Bar

A bit of background will help for this one I think. On several occasions I had met a very attractive specimen only to find out that she actually worked in Jaguar.

As far as I could tell, there were a sprinkling of 7s in the other bars, but on the face of it, the really beautiful ones seemed to head off for jaguar where they could earn more money in the greener and richer pastures, frequented mostly by Japanese Grazers.

After being in Cebu for a while and working hard reviewing most of the Cebu bars, most of them many times to be sure of the accuracy and quality of the review, I one day realised that I had still not been to Jaguar Bar, even though I had now been in Cebu well over a year – perhaps the time was well overdue for a safari to track down the most elusive of all Asian black pussies – the Jaguar!

On entering that bar, I was surprised to find myself in an area that seemed to be an odd hybrid of a children’s classroom and a community function hall. To the left of me were rows if simple “classroom” type chairs on which various girls sat around doing, pretty well not much. To the right was the bit that looked like the community hall with more girls and of course, the Japanese clientele. Perhaps this was some kind of waiting area, not the real Jaguar that I had heard about – I started looking for an entrance leading to the “real jaguar” as surely this could not be it, when the Mamasan came up and approached me. Probably enough said about the layout.
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