Cebu Customs

Anyone bringing more than the equivalent of US$3,000 into the country must make a declaration of the amount with the Central Bank of the Philippines, located in the customs area at Cebu Airport. On departure, the amount that is being exported cannot exceed the amount brought in. 

For this reason visitors are advised to keep all currency exchange receipts. In regard to the local currency, a visitor may bring up to 5,000 peso in banknotes into the country, but may not leave with more than 1,000 peso.

Duty-free allowances for visitors include a reasonable amount of clothing for personal use; 400 cigarettes or two packets of tobacco; and two litres of spirits or wine.

Cebu Customs Collector Ronnie Silvestre said Friday. Silvestre assured that their X-ray machines were capable of detecting radiation. Food products found positive of radiation, whether within tolerable level or not, would be seized and brought to the Department of Health. It is up for the Department of Health to decide whether the shipments of foodstuff will be released or not," Silvestre said.
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